How to Root Android phone for Xmodgames/ Jailbreak iPhone?

By | September 17, 2019

How to Root Android phone for Xmodgames/ Jailbreak iPhone?: Android smartphones or tablets are famous and are used widely all around the globe by manufacturers of mobile devices. Hence, most of the games are also being developed on Andriod operating system only. Apart from games, there are also a wide number of applications that make use of Android platform. As there are a huge number of game lovers all over the world, especially for famous games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, Shadow Fight and others. These games can be easily mod by users and play them up to any level with the help of Xmodgames application. Hence, to use this application by Android mobile users, it is essential for them to root their device as a first step in the process of installation. It is a hassle free procedure to root an Android device.

Root Android phone for Xmodgames

Rooting an Android device is a process in which a user, will gain all the rights to access as well as modify the files of the device that are /data and /system files. The user will also be able to run any of the applications or software from the third party providers. Rooting, in general, enhances the ability of the device to use any application or software or games by allowing to access and modify files. Hence user gains all the rights to install the applications such as Xmodgames framework and similar ones.

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Rooting Android devices

Rooting is a way to gain access to modify the files in Android devices, while in iOS devices it is possible with jailbreak. All the Android devices will not follow the same process for rooting; it generally depends on the device. Rooting is done by installing an application or by connecting to PC. There are many applications to root Android devices. The most popular rooting applications that are used by a large number of users are only two. So let us discuss these two rooting applications in detail.

Framaroot app

Framaroot app is one of the widely used rooting applications all by Android users all around the globe. This application is available in various versions, but mostly the older versions work well with the older Android devices only. Newer versions of the Framaroot app are supporting all the devices equally without any trouble, but they do not support only a few devices. Framaroot 1.9.3 is the latest rooting application available.


Kingroot app

Kingroot app is yet another best application that is used in rooting the Android devices without any hassles. This application is easy to use and install by just following the few steps in the process. So the phone will be rooted in just a few minutes if the instructions are followed properly. This application is accessible by almost all the Android devices, except few of them. Kingroot 4.9.6 APK is the latest version of this application.


Download Kingroot – Official Website

Search on Google

  • This method is pretty easy.
  • Just open Google homepage.
  • Search for How to root “Your Phone Model Without Quotes” and press search button.
  • Open any tutorial and follow it.

How To Jailbreak iPhone:

Well, it depends on the iOS version of your iPhone. Most of the old iOS versions can be jailbroken easily. To jailbreak your Android phone follow this guide on Macworld.

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The process of rooting should be followed carefully by the users of Android devices; otherwise, it may brick the device. It is also essential to note that rooting will void the device warranty period if it is within warranty. Hence, it can be done only if the device is out of warranty period or if there is no requirement of warranty period to the user of the device.

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