How to install Xmodgames on iOS devices

By | September 7, 2019

How to install Xmodgames on iOS devices: Games are one of the best entertainment for all the age groups and with the help of mobile devices, they can be played anywhere at any time. Xmodgames is an application that helps to find many gaming mods, that will modify the games and offers fun to the user. It actually allows the user to control the games with the help of gaming accelerator present in the application. So the user can play any of the favorite games and all the levels with a huge number of coins, time levels, and lives. Hence, due to the incredible features of Xmodgames application, it is widely used by game lovers and became more popular than other similar applications. Xmodgames is an Android application, but iOS users no need to worry, because it is easier to install on these devices also without any difficulty.

How to install Xmodgames on iOS devices

Users may think that this application can be downloaded only in jailbroken devices, but it can also be done without a jailbreak in iPhones or iPads. So let’s check out both methods of installation in detail.

Installation of Xmodgames on iOS operating devices without jailbreak

Installing Xmodgames app, on iOS devices without jailbreak is hassle-free. Here are the step-by-step processes of downloading and installation.

  1. In the first step, ensure that the iPhone or iPad in which Xmodgames application as to be installed is not a jailbroken device.
  2. Then the next step is to switch on the PC and visit the official website of Xmodgames.
  3. Then search for the Xmodgames.deb link and have to download the .deb file in the PC.
  4. Once this file is downloaded successfully, then either iFunBox or iTools has to be downloaded.
  5. The link for iFunBox is
  6. Once iFunBox is downloaded, then it has to be installed.
  7. If the installation is successfully done, then proceed with connecting iPhone or iPad to the PC.
  8. Next open iFunBox application on PC.
  9. Now it displays an option called ‘Connect Device’.
  10. Then in this option below it will be a list from which select and click on ‘Cydia APP install’.
  11. Now just drag and drop the .deb file that has been installed at first into the ‘Cydia App install’ dialogue box.
  12. Now Xmodgames application is automatically installed and will be successful.
  13. Then the user will be able to view this app on the home screen of their iOS device.

iFunBox –

iTools 2.0 – For Windows / For Mac

install Xmodgames on iOS

install Xmodgames on iOS devices by Jailbreak method

In order to install Xmodgames application on iOS devices using jailbreak method, follow below mentioned step-by-step process.

  1. First, open the Cydia application that is present on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Then next a screen will pop up on the display.
  3. Now select an option with ‘ Sources’ in it and click it.
  4. Then a screen appears in that click on the ‘Edit’ option.
  5. Now another screen pops up, then select the option ‘Add’ and now tap on it.
  6. Next, another screen will pop with a message to enter Cydia app URL.
  7. Then enter and now after typing the URL perfectly click on ‘add source’ button.
  8. Now Xmodgames application is downloaded and it has to be installed.
  9. Then click on the application and click on ‘All packages’ option.
  10. Now again tap on Xmodgames application, so that installation process is started.
  11. Finally, this application is installed on the iOS device.

install Xmodgames on iOS


In the above-mentioned processes, Xmodgames application is installed in iPhones or iPads. It can be used by selecting any one process depending upon whether the device is jailbreak or not. The installation process is simple and hasslefree which can be completed in few minutes.

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    I get a verification error when trying to add the source. Anyway for me to fix this?

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